Divorce in New York

Collaborative Divorce Can Lead The Way

Despite the best intentions, many marriages come to an end and spouses go their separate ways. There are different paths toward divorce.

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You are thinking about or have made the decision to get divorced. The question now is how you will become divorced? If you think that Collaborative Divorce might be the right process choice for you, follow these simple steps.
Discuss Collaborative Divorce with your spouse.
It is important for both husband and wife to believe that the Collaborative Law approach is the best way for them to get through the divorce process with as little damage as possible to anyone’s finances, emotional well-being or important relationships. If your relationship with your spouse is cordial, you can give him or her information about the process and website references.
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Schedule an initial consultation with the Collaborative professional you select.
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You have made the decision to get divorced. The question now is how you will become divorced. If you think Collaborative Divorce may be right for you, start here.

Our Story

The Collaborative Divorce Association of the Capital District’s members are attorneys, mental health professionals serving as facilitators, divorce coaches, and/or child specialists, and Financial Professionals practitioners familiar with the unique problems facing separating and divorcing couples. All members have completed special training in the collaborative process and are members of the International Association of Collaborative Professionals. The association meets monthly to provide educational and professional support to its members.

How it Works

The process is based on a voluntary and free exchange of information, the pledge to not go to court, and the commitment to finding resolutions that recognize the interests of both participants. The Collaborative process involves a commitment to address issues without threatening language or resorting to expensive court proceedings, to produce all financial records, and to not speak negatively about the other parent in front of their children.

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Let's Walk This Road Together

Collaborative Divorce is a dignified, cooperative, and respectful process in which a separating/divorcing couple, with the assistance of their attorneys, work together to negotiate the best outcome for both participants.

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